Birther March on DC?

28 04 2010

From the always-reliable Dave Weigel comes this little gem:

The long-rumored “birth certificate march on Washington” — a project of the original birther attorney, Phil Berg — will happen on Saturday, May 29. Berg is beckoning supporters to the 82-acre President’s Park, right across from the White House.

Looks like they’re planning to protest not only the birth certificate issue (AGAIN) but also Obamacare.

Alan Colmes adds:

Berg has claimed that even if he were born in Hawaii, he lost his citizenship when he lived in Indonesia.

I don’t know much about citizenship law in the United States, but I am not sure whether moving to another country permanently revokes your citizenship.  In addition, the Constitutional text requires residency in the United States for the past 14 years as well as being a natural-born citizen.

I vote that we call this rally the Million-Moron March.

UPDATE: Looks like this post got picked up (inadvertently) at Huffpo.




One response

28 04 2010

I appreciate the warning! I’ll be sure to avoid downtown that day.

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