28 04 2010

As any law student will tell you, developing the palate for coffee is essential.  In the long run, coffee is less expensive than drinking soda every time you need a caffeine rush, and ESPECIALLY less expensive than Red Bull/Monster/5 Hour Energy.

There’s about 3 proper coffee shops in the downtown area around here.  My spot of choice is the one on the main drag, just a few blocks away from the library and from campus itself.  I like this place because it’s less expensive than the other places, and the food they make is far superior to anything I could get at most other delis around town.  It’s a small business, so it makes me feel socially responsible to indulge my caffeine addiction here.  Plus it’s the hangout for most law students when they aren’t in the library, and I find a good study spot.

The other two places are chains — the coffee isn’t that terrible, but they charge about 50 cents more to fill up  your mug, and they don’t even fill it for you.  Plus their seating selection leaves a lot to be desired.  I will give the chains one thing though: their Internet hotspots don’t need a log in, which is always a good thing.  Right now, I’m in my favorite spot, but because they changed the hotspot login and I’m too lazy to ask what it is, I have to tap into the wireless from the bar next door.

Take it from me, kids: coffee is ideal in law school, or really anywhere for that matter.




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28 04 2010

Also, caffeine pills that you can buy at any drugstore and then abuse to your heart’s desire. 🙂

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