51? (Possibly)

29 04 2010

I was completely unaware that Puerto Rican statehood was being debated in the House until I noticed an Allahpundit post in Google Reader that a bill passed the House today.  From FOX:

The bill introduced a two-step ballot measure for Puerto Rico to decide if its residents want to change their current relationship with the United States. If they vote to change their status, they can then choose to become a state, pursue independence, or seek some other “political association between sovereign nations.” ‬


Proponents say the measure gives citizens of the island the right to self-determination.‬  Critics say the measure is a device to impose statehood on a population that doesn’t want it. Thursday’s action was nonbinding, and if Puerto Ricans eventually select statehood, Congress would still have to vote to admit the island to the union as the 51st state.

I wonder if this is an attempt to get income taxes out of Puerto Rico.  Regardless, I don’t see a pressing need to admit a 51st state at this juncture.  I think Congress has far more important things to talk about than this.




One response

2 05 2010

I say we keep things at an even 50. It’s a nice, round number. That’s not to say we shouldn’t annex Puerto Rico. We should annex them, and let the upper peninsula of Michigan secede. Like, into Canada or something. Maybe then the UP would finally get some money to work on a second road. 😛


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