Thursday Night Music

29 04 2010

“Pure Fucking Armageddon” is one of the quintessential songs by the infamous black metallers Mayhem.  Indeed, it was the title track to their first (albeit rough) demo tape in 1986, Pure Fucking Armageddon.

I prefer this version off their first EP, Deathcrush because of the underrated Billy Messiah on vocals.  Most people, if they know Mayhem only marginally, are aware of the vocals by Dead (very good), Attila Csihar (excellent, but better suited to Sunn O))) and groups of that ilk), and Maniac (horrendous).  There’s very little recordings of Billy Messiah’s singing, apart from this track and his backing vocals on “Witching Hour” on the same EP.  YouTube only has a few rough live songs from 1986 (two Venom covers and a Celtic Frost cover).

This rendition of the song epitomizes the rawness of second-wave black metal.  Groups like Mayhem and the others that came out of Norway took the sounds of Venom and Celtic Frost and made it more evil.

However, black metal is an EXTREMELY acquired taste.  But if you’re into heavy, dark-sounding stuff, I would recommend giving them a listen — you won’t be disappointed.




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