Moot Court

5 05 2010

So my first class of the term was the Moot Court class (Appellate Advocacy in some schools) last night.  My impressions coming out are varied.

The professor is…interesting.  Between what I noticed last night and what I heard today from a friend, he’s a tough grader.  He even said getting an A was hard (which is understandable considering the brief we have to write), but he came across a little odd.  Being on the Moot Court Board myself (as well as several others in the class), I think we spent too much time going over the procedure of the competition part of the class as opposed to the brief (which few have written anything like before).

Another thing he went on and on about was staples.  He spent maybe 2 or 3 minutes on “paper staples” and how he didn’t want to see them.  I’m more surprised that people are that lazy — how hard is it to just staple your documents?

After class, I read through the textbook we have, and noticed a lot of other rules that moot court competitions have.  Eek!

Also, we did an exercise where we had to interview another member of the class and introduce them to the class at the podium (yeah, I know, it’s law school and we’re doing high school things, but whatever).  The ubiquitous nature of Facebook made it easy for me to interview my friend, although he did say I came to law school to be the “Mother Teresa of law,” which was not really what I said, but still somewhat amusing.

The professor asked a lot of questions during the introduction part, and was not above making cracks about our home states (New Jersey, Texas, and a few about THE Ohio State University in particular).  Some students are getting a little testy.  Time will tell if that goes away.




One response

5 05 2010

Moot court “rules” in my experience are often guidelines. Different judges look for different things.

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