Raising the Bar

8 05 2010

So a post on Yahoo! Finance shows that while law school attendance is holding steady, job offers are going down sharply.

Basically, I’ll sum it up like this.  The author seems to advocate that going to law school now is a bad idea because there aren’t any jobs available now. Never mind that law school takes at least 2-3 years to graduate, and there’s no telling how things will change in that time.  He also says nothing about the other avenues open to graduating law students (Legal Aid, solo practice, etc.).  Never mind that you need to pass the bar to even get one of those disappearing jobs.

What would I say to someone concerned about finding a job?  I think the first thing would be to send them to the career office (that is, if their school has one) and start looking.  Second, pound that pavement.  Just because some over-paid Wall Street Journal writer is painting a picture of despondency doesn’t mean that you need to give up.  Law students are still getting jobs, you just need to work harder to make yourself stand out from the rest of the unwashed masses.  How much different is it than before?




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