Second Week

11 05 2010

So far this summer term has been quite interesting (apart from the early morning shifts at work that I am doing now).  The case summaries for the Moot Court class are taking  up the bulk of my time, but I seem to be getting the hang of this researching and summarizing thing.  Hopefully it helps when I get closer to writing the dang brief.

Business Organizations is a trip.  I had the same professor for Wills, Trusts, and Estates last semester, and a bunch of people I know are in that class, including one infamous “gunner.”  Funny story:  it was about the third hour, and I pointed out to one of my friends via IM that the gunner hadn’t opened his mouth yet.  She scolded me, saying not to “jinx it.”  Two seconds later, his hand goes up, and he launches into a long “what-if” question (despite the professor’s warning in the beginning of class NOT to use those sorts of questions).

Family Law took a grand total of 35 minutes.  We don’t need to buy the book, and the exam is based on what we go over in class only.  The professor came highly recommended, so it should be fun.

Advanced Criminal Procedure is the one I really looked forward too, even if it’s on a weekend.  The professor works for the Department of Justice, but is actually very easy-going and informative.  The professor also made me reconsider some things for the rest of my law school career.  First, I think I’m going to take Administrative Law next semester as an elective, just because it seems it might be more important to future criminal work.  Second, I may consider the Department of Justice Honors Program, which the professor went through so many years ago.  I don’t know if I want to be a Fed, but it wouldn’t hurt, would it?




One response

11 05 2010

1. I’m applying to the DOJ honors scholarship program. 🙂 FYI the application deadline is September for next year, if you’re graduating next May.

2. I hated Business Organizations (Business Enterprises at my school) with the fire of a thousand suns. Seriously seriously hoping I pulled an A out of my ass because really it was the most disorganized class I’ve ever taken, on par with Property II last Spring.

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