Gimme a Job!

15 08 2011

So, everyone’s favorite post-bar activity (well, after the hangover wears off) is finding employment.  This is no easy task.  One of my Facebook friends said it best earlier today, essentially wondering why you advertise for an “entry-level” position but require at least one year of experience.

Seriously?  Are attorneys trying to keep recent graduates out of the profession, or do they not proofread before posting a job advertisement?

Obviously, I’m not able to practice law as of yet (at least until my results come in), but it’s quite frustrating.  Even a paralegal/legal assistant position requires experience as one or both of those positions.  What about those of us that never held positions like this (much less for the length of time required)?  Shouldn’t 3 years of law school be enough to do research and write documents?

I haven’t gotten so desperate as to put in a job application at Wendy’s, but the process is tedious.  Waiting until November for a job is not an option, obviously.  In time it will come, I suppose.

I know that other recent graduates are feeling the crunch.  Only 3 more months until results come out, and hopefully the results are satisfactory.




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