Miss me yet?

11 01 2012

Okay, so I haven’t been as on top of this as I should have been. I tried the Tumblr thing for a bit and that sucked, so I figured I’d dust this off.

Also WordPress has an Android app so I can post from my phone.

Which is what I am doing.

More later probably.


EDIT:  So I am retaking NJ in February.  Which isn’t much fun.  Granted, the material is still relatively fresh in my mind, but the process is still a pain.  My gamble is that by not retaking NY at the same time, that should make my chances a tad better.

I have obtained a form of gainful employment clerking for a local attorney.  It pays.  Which is good.  Money is good.  Because those loans have to get paid back somehow.

But yes, with bar (re)studying in my future, I don’t know if I’ll keep on top of this as much as you probably expect me to (shocking, I know), but time shall tell.




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